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Retirement Triage

Posted On: 17th January 2023

Our new Retirement Triage product helps users move their thinking from ‘Retirement = Pensions’ to a broader view of the figures and the feelings.

With Retirement Triage, users explore the different sources of income that could fund their retirement via a non-intrusive data collection experience and are presented with suggestions that factor in their emotional considerations towards money.

On completion of the journey, advisers or tenants can be notified of the prospect client from the journey and continue to support in an ongoing human-assisted interaction.

Retirement Triage screenshot

Business Outcomes

Consumer Duty.
Users are more engaged and educated supporting Consumer Duty.
Better Conversations.
Drives better conversations as prompts customer thinking.
Quality Leads.
Better informed and quality leads via inbuilt triage rules.
User Experience.
Data captured digitally when convenient for the user, saving time for the advisers.
Simple Integration.
Lead data shared via API into CRM workflows or simply via email for smaller advice firms.