Wealth Wizards

Reference Architecture

Architectural design and integration patterns.

Platform Overview


The Wealth Wizards platform is a multi-tenant, white-labelled SaaS solution that provides regulated financial advice, guidance and education to help improve the financial wellbeing of individuals.

In this architecture series, you will get to understand the high-level overview of the Wealth Wizards platform, and the different modes in which tenants and individual customers interact with the various technical components.

Who or What is a Tenant?

In our multi-tenant SaaS solution, a tenant refers to an organisation that uses the Wealth Wizards platform. Each tenant is securely isolated from one another, and they have their own data, configuration, and user access rights.

What is the Wealth Wizards Platform Architecture?

At a conceptual level, the Wealth Wizards platform is constructed of various architectural layers. These are:

  1. Products – The financial advice, guidance and case management solutions our tenants and users interact with that are built upon the platform.
  2. The Platform – Includes out-of-the-box integrations, our configuration framework, calculations, recommendation engine, document management workflow and more.
  3. Data, Security & Customer Engagement – Responsible for the security and integrity of our products and platform, the processing and analysis of customer data to support AI and insights, and relevant, timely customer engagement.

Diagram illustrating products on top of platform, on top of data and security, with layer data through each layer

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s focus on the most important points.

  • Wealth Wizards provides a trusted, multi-tenant cloud solution.
  • The Wealth Wizards platform is the foundation of our products. It’s powered by metadata and made up of different parts, like data services, artificial intelligence, and robust APIs for decoupled inter-communication.
  • All our financial advice, guidance and adviser tools sit on top of the platform.
  • Everything is integrated. Our products share a holistic view of a customer so we can apply predictive analytics and remove friction for customers across our range of financial journeys.

Ease of configuration of our platform at both an individual tenant scope and a product scope is a fundamental principle engrained in the layers of the platform.  This reduces the implementation costs and time to market for tenants, and allows our tenants to tailor their advice journeys within acceptable parameters.

Up Next

In the next section we will see a high level overview of how you can integrate Wealth Wizards apps with your customer website.

Integration Overview